Uttarakhand Bus Timing ( Uttarakhand Roadways Time Table )

Uttarakhand Bus Timing

UttaraKhand is a fabulous place and the land of Lord Mahadev (Shiva). Kerdarnath, one of the holiest place and the Mandakini river are both situated in Uttarakhand.

So, lots of people visit Uttarakhand by bus and other means of travels. If you are planning to visit Uttarakhand anytime sooner any by public transport then the bus services are the most used means of transport in uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand bus timetable starts from midnight 12 am to 12 pm. Means it’s a 24 hours service. Buses to Uttarakhand are available from Chandigarh, Dehradun, Delhi, Hardiwar, and almost all major places situated near it.

If you have the Uttarakhand bus timing then it will be very easy for you to travel to such a beautiful land. uttarakhand is a hilly place and not all the people are confident to drive their vehicle in the hills, if you are someone who would like to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery then the bus service is the best option.

The roadways for uttarakhand is the best budget friendly option to travel as the bus services are available as a normal bus as well as Volvo. So if you want to buy comfort and luxury then thats also available.

Taxi services are also available but they are more expensive compared to the bus services, and the comfort of bus can’t be compared with a taxi.

So, in this article I have shared the details for the uttarakhand raodways time table and also the details to contact them. In case if you want to book any service online.

You can also book the buses online via redbus – Click here to directly visit redBus Uttarakhand Page.

Uttarakhand State Transport – HelpLine

PlacesHelpline Number
Rishikesh0135-2430066, 2430008, 2430209, 1800-180-4145
Inter State Bus Terminal Dehradun0135-2131309
Dehradun0135-3093367/68/69, 2623435
Dehradun Hill8476005705

If you want to book a ticket online then you can visit the Uttarakhand Government State Transport Website or you can also visit the MakeMyTrip, Goibibo.

Uttarakhand State Transport – TimeTable

To travel to uttarakhand, there are Normal busesw, AC buses and Volvo. Their timing and prices are given below in the table

From Delhi

1Delhi to Almora Bus08:00, 09:00
2AV to Bejaro Bus18:30
3AV to Bungidhar Bus18:00
4AV to Deghat Bus18:00
5AV to Dharchulla Bus16:00
6AV to Gairsain Bus18:30
7AV to Jourasi Bus18:00
8AV to Lohaghat Bus16:00 – 20:00
9AV to Munsiyari Bus16:30
10AV to Pithoragarh Bus17:30, 18:30
11AV to Ranikhet Bus19:30, 20:00
12KG to Agastmuni Bus21:00
13KG to Birokhal Bus21:00
14KG to Dehradun Bus11:00, 12:15
15KG to Gansali Bus20:45
16KG to Kalsi Bus22:30
17KG to Karnaprayag Bus20:30
18KG to Pauri Bus20:30, 21:30
19KG to Ponta Sahib Bus22:00
20KG to Srinagar Bus20:00, 21:30
21KG to Uttarkashi Bus21:00

From Everywhere to Uttarakhand

Buses FromTime Table
Agra to Haridwar Bus07:00hrs
Almora to Gurugram Bus04:30 hrs
Auli to Haridwar Bus04.00 hrs
Bageshwar to Dehradun Hill Bus05.00 hrs
Baijro to Delhi Bus06.00 hrs
Balawaladdn to Delhi Bus19.00 hrs
Barkot to Dehradun Hill Bus05.30 hrs,11.45 hrs
Birokhal to Dehradun Hill Bus05.00 hrs
Borari to Dehradun Hill Bus11.59 hrs
Bungidhar to Delhi Bus06.00 hrs
Chandigarh to Kotdwar Bus23.15 hrs
Chandigarh to Haldwani Bus18.00 hrs
Dwarahat to Dehradun Hill Bus05.30 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Bageshwar Bus05.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Barkot Bus11.59 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Birokhal Bus06.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Borari Bus05.30 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Dwarahat Bus04:30 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Mandal Bus04.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Purola Bus05.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Srinagar Bus06.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Tapovan Bus19.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Tilwara Bus05.30 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Tripalisain Bus05.00 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Ukhimath Bus11.59 hrs
Dehradun Hill to Uttarkashi Bus05.30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Chandigarh Bus23.15 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Haldwani Bus18.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus05.30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Jaipur Bus05.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Delhi Kashmiri Gate ISBT Bus05.45 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Kanpur Bus06.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Tanakpur Bus05.30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Almora Bus04:30 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Agra Bus04.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Ranikhet Bus05.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Nainital Bus06.00 hrs
Dehradun ISBT to Pithoragarh Bus19.00 hrs
Delhi Anand Vihar to Haldwani Bus11.45 hrs
Delhi to Almora Bus05.00 hrs
Delhi to Dehradun Bus11.59 hrs
Delhi to Paonta Sahib Bus6.00 hrs
Delhi to Balawladdn Bus23.15 hrs
Delhi to Kalsigate Bus18.00 hrs
Delhi to Tanakpur Bus05.30 hrs
Delhi to Deghat Bus05.00 hrs
Delhi to Nainital Bus05.45 hrs
Delhi to Bungidhar Bus06.00 hrs
Delhi to Baijro Bus07:00hrs
Delhi to Ranikhet Bus04:30 hrs
Delhi to Jalli Bus04.00 hrs
Delhi to Jourasi Bus05.00 hrs
Delhi to Ganayi Bus06.00 hrs
Dharamshala to Diglingddn Bus19.00 hrs
Deghat to Delhi Bus05.30 hrs,11.45 hrs
Faridabad to Haldwani Bus05.00 hrs
Faridabad to Kotdwar Bus11.59 hrs
Ganayi to Delhi Bus06.00 hrs
Gurgaon/ Gurugram to Haldwani Bus23.15 hrs
Gurugram to Tanakpur Bus18.00 hrs
Gurugram to Almora Bus05.30 hrs
Gurugram to Kotdwar Bus05.00 hrs
Gurugram to Dehradun Bus05.45 hrs
Gurugram to Pithoragarh Bus06.00 hrs
Haldwani to Dehradun Bus05.30 hrs
Haldwani to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus04:30 hrs
Haldwani to Faridabad Bus04.00 hrs
Haldwani to Jaipur Bus05.00 hrs
Haldwani to Pithoragarh Bus06.00 hrs
Haldwani to Ludhiana Bus19.00 hrs
Haldwani to Lucknow Bus10.45 hrs
Haldwani to Chandigarh Bus05.00 hrs
Haldwani to Agra Bus11.59 hrs
Haldwani to Delhi Bus06.00 hrs
Haldwani to Hisar Bus23.15 hrs
Haridwar to Pithoragarh Bus18.00 hrs
Haridwar to Agra Bus05.30 hrs
Haridwar to Auli Bus05.00 hrs
Haridwar to Kaithal Bus03.45 hrs
Haridwar to Pushkar Bus06.00 hrs
Hisar to Haldwani Bus07:00hrs
Jaipur to Dehradun Bus04:30 hrs
Jaipur to Haldwani Bus04.00 hrs
Jalli to Delhi Bus05.00 hrs
Jourasi to Delhi Bus06.00 hrs
Kalsigate to Delhi Bus19.00 hrs
Kanpur to Dehradun Bus06.30 hrs
Kotdwar to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus05.00 hrs
Kotdwar to Faridabad Bus11.59 hrs
Kotdwar to Chandigarh Bus05.30 hrs
Kotdwar to Faridabad Bus23.15 hrs
Kotdwar to Gurugram/ Gurgaon Bus18.00 hrs
Ludhiana to Haldwani Bus05.30 hrs
Mandal to Dehradun Hill Bus05.00 hrs
Nainital to Delhi Bus12.45 hrs
Nainital to Dehradun Bus06.00 hrs
Pithoragarh to Delhi Bus07:00hrs
Pithoragarh to Haridwar Bus04:30 hrs
Pithoragarh to Dehradun Bus04.00 hrs
Pithoragarh to Haldwani Bus05.00 hrs
Pithoragarh to Gurgaon/ Gurugram Bus06.00 hrs
Paonta Sahib to Delhi Bus19.00 hrs
Premnagarddn to Faridabad Bus18.00 hrs
Purola to Dehradun Hill Bus05.00 hrs
Pushkar to Haridwar Bus11.59 hrs
Ramnagar to Delhi Bus Time Click here06.00 hrs
Ranikhet to Delhi Bus23.15 hrs
Ranikhet to Dehradun Bus18.00 hrs
Rishikesh to Delhi Bus Time Click here05.30 hrs
Srinagar to Dehradun Hill Bus05.00 hrs
Tanakpur to Dehradun Bus05.30 hrs
Tapovan to Dehradun Hill Bus06.00 hrs
Tilwara to Dehradun Hill Bus07:00hrs
Tripalisain to Dehradun Hill Bus04:30 hrs
Ukhimath to Dehradun Hill Bus04.00 hrs
Uttarkashi to Dehradun Hill Bus05.00 hrs

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