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Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip – The Complete Details

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip

I get a lot of questions asked about the budget from my friends and from the internet. And I get it. The Budget for Leh Ladakh trip is hard to calculate and since this trip will be a little costlier than normal places.

Here are the things that you should expect and the charges of it.

But before digging any deeper into the budget for the Leh Ladakh trip, I would like to remind you that the budget depends on the personal taste of accommodation and comfort. Since Luxury has a higher price than the normal accommodation.

It’s up to the person who is traveling to Leh Ladakh. Here is a quick map of the contents that have been covered under the budget for the Leh Ladakh Trip.

Things that will be in the Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip

While you will be visiting Leh Ladakh, there will be a minimal expense that will happen. Things like food and accomodation.

These are the basic things that you can’t ignore or stay without it.

So here is a table of all the things that you need to account for in your budget calculation. The prices of each will be mentioned below under respective sections.

1Food Cost
2Stay (Accommodation) Cost
3Miscellaneous Cost
4Mode of Transport

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What is the Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip?

The budget of Leh Ladakh depends on the itinerary. So if your Itinerary is without any buffer days then you can cover all major destinations in short time and you will spend less money.

So normally a itinerary looks like this:

DayItinerary Description
Day 1Delhi To Manali
Day 2Manali to Jispa
Day 3Jispa to Pang
Day 4Pang to Leh
Day 5Leh
Day 6Leh to Khardung La – Diskit 
Day 7Diskit to Turtuk to Panamik
Day 8Panamik to Hemis Monastery – Pangong Tso Lake
Day 9Pangong to Hanle
Day 10Hanle to Nubra Valley
Day 11Nubra Valley to Leh
Day 12Stay at Leh
Day 13Leh to Jispa
Day 14Jispa to Manali

Ladakh has several types of itinerary. Several tour companies provide different types of itinerary.

So you can see that our itinerary has taken 14 Days. Actually its 16 Days, since we stayed 1 extra day in Manali and another extra day in Delhi.

Also you should know that while travelling along the cost of accommodation and all other things increase because you cannot split and you have to pay the entire all by yourself.

Traveling with a partner can help you ease the cost down and also help you travel far and enjoy better.

Traveling in a Group – Prabir, Prabin, Tanmay, Medhi and Niraj

If you are a group of friends, then try to make a group of 3 or 5 people. This will significantly decrease the cost of travel and accommodation.

While making a group, try to make a evenly balanced group of maximum 5 people. This is because hired taxis allows 3 people and big taxis like innova can accommodate 5 people.

However, people try to pack a group of 7 in big vehicles like Innova. I recommend don’t do that because it will not be comfortable for anyone.

If your group is more than 6 people, then go for a traveller Van.

If you are a Twin Partner, then go for a shared basis on a bike.

How much does it cost for Food during Leh Ladakh Trip?

Food at Hotel in Leh

Food cost is very minimal compared to all the cost of this trip, but you should keep in mind that the cost of food is higher than normal.

This is because the food needs to be bought from Manali and then transport to the destination.

The cost of food normally starts from Rs.150 per person if you have it in Dabha and tents. Its hard to find restaurants in several places while travelling to Leh, Nubra or Leh.

But there are good restaurants in Leh, Nubra and a few parts of Leh Ladakh. Having your meal in restaurants can increase your food bill.

The last thing that impact can significantly impact your food bill is the choice of food preference. I mean are you going to eat Veg or Non-Veg.

Even if you are a Non-Vegetarian, I would suggest you that try to eat veg more during Leh ladakh trip as since the oxygen level is very less there. You digestion will take time and sometime you may face diarrhea.

Note: Always carry a good water bottle that is durable and will not get broken if it falls. Try refilling it whenever you make a stop.

It will help you keep hydrated and help you fight the mountain sickness and also help himalaya to be clean as you don’t need to throw that garbage and empty bottles here and there.

How much Does Accommodation cost in Leh Ladakh?

The accommodation cost will be a minimum of Rs.1000 per day.

Prabin Prasad – Friend of Niraj Kashyap

Yes, the accommodation will cover your stay, toll, permit fees, entry fees and other misc things. 

So overall the accommodation will cost you around Rs.14000 to Rs.16000 for the entire trip. So it’s a wise move if you are traveling with a partner because the accommodation will be then split into half and the cost will be around Rs.7000 – Rs. 9000.

See, the magic of traveling with a partner.

The above-mentioned details are for lower-budget travelers. If you are a person who has money and wants luxury then you should not worry about the budget.

Things like accommodation and luxury can be bought with spending extra money.

What Miscellaneous Cost Occurs during Leh Ladakh Trip?

There are a lot of misc things that can occur while traveling to Leh Ladakh. Things like you wanted a professional photographer to click your pictures in several hotspots, paying for permits, tolls, entry fees, snacks, and buying local handmade items or other local products.

The misc cost also increases if you are an adventure seeker and like to paraglide, river rafting or you just love to buy things.

Shopping for Shawls in Manali

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip Depends on Mode of Transport.

Leh Ladakh has several modes of transportation. And due to this, the budget for Leh Ladakh trip can vary. Since each mode of transportation has its own merits and demerits and cost of it also depends on the merits and demerits.

So let’s sum up the cost of traveling using the below mode of travel.

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Self Drive Own Car

IMG20190907143600 min 1

Since you own the car, the traveling cost will include the petrol/Diesel, tolls and permits. The total distance you will be traveling on this journey will be around 3500 kms.

So if your vehicle gives a mileage of 15km, assuming it’s an SUV or an Innova. The required amount of petrol will be ( 3500 km / 15km x Rs.87 = Rs.20300 )

So you will be spending somewhat to Rs.24000 on petrol and the tolls and permits are extra. Take an account of Rs.250 per permit and an estimate of 10 permits, which will be around Rs.2500+.

So summing up, it will be around Rs.28000 since the mileage will decrease as you climb the mountains and the fuel will not burn properly due to lack of oxygen.

Budget for a Bike Trip for Leh Ladakh

ThingsBudget (Money)
FoodRs. 3000
AccommodationRs. 8000
MiscRs. 2500
CarRs. 0
PetrolRs. 28000
Total BudgetRs. 41500 (Approx)

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Rented Car.

There are several services and companies that rent cars per day basic. The pricing of the rented car depends on the model of the car and also the company from where you are renting.

If you are thinking of renting a car on self drive basis then I will suggest you to better book a taxi or book a big car for X number of days for yourself.

It’s better to let a driver drive the car which you haven’t driven especially on roads like Ladakh. It’s very risky and dangerous and moreover, the price of renting a car will be similar to that of booking a car.

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Hired Taxi

Before hiring a taxi, do note that hired taxis outside of Leh are not allowed to roam and travel beyond Leh.

This means you need to change your vehicle once you reach Leh. So when you will be hiring a taxi for your Leh Ladakh journey, do consider this in point and make it clear before booking.

If you are booking through a travel company or an agent then they will take care of all those things and you can enjoy your travel without thinking that you need to book another car.

That’s why I recommend you to book your travel using Tripver. Tripver is a company that specializes in Ladakh travels and people like me and other YouTubers have used their services and found it to be really helpful.

ladakh taxi
Taxis for Ladakh

So, if you are a group of friends or family of 5 people then the cost of each person will come around Rs.15000.

Hiring a car and splitting it into 5 will save you the most amount of money. While hiring write the points and the places name where the taxi driver will take you and the number of days required to travel.

If you will be booking using Tripver then you will get a complete itinerary including accommodation, food, and car for your travel.

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Shared Taxi / Traveller

If you want to enjoy the Ladakh to its fullest or you are traveling with a group of friends and family. Then the best option is to share a traveller vehicle.

If you are a single or twin partner then its better to share a taxi as lots of other passengers also seek to share a taxi and save little money.

Sharing of taxis can be done on a per-day basis or based on a particular place basis. It’s better to share a taxi based on a particular place as from Manali to Leh city and such.

Since you can travel on shared taxis operated by different tour operators or join with other travel partners.

If you are traveling in a shared taxi or traveler then the cost of each person will be around Rs. 30000.

Budget for a Bike Trip for Leh Ladakh

ThingsBudget (Money)
FoodRs. 3000
AccommodationRs. 8000
MiscRs. 2500
Shared TaxiRs. 30000
PetrolRs. 0
Total BudgetRs. 43500 (Approx)

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Public Transport.

If you are a single person or two and don’t want to travel on a bike, then the best means of travel is the public transport method.

There are several methods of public transport like shared taxis, LKSRTC buses, HPTDC buses that run on the Srinagar – Leh – Manali route.

Traveling on a bus will be very cheap compared to any other modes of travel in ladakh, but you can’t expect the buses to make a stop at every Pass or on a sight.

You can choose a bus to reach Leh or Manali from there you can opt for a shared taxi and enjoy the points beyond Leh like Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake.

Budget for a Trip for Leh Ladakh using Public Transport

ThingsBudget (Money)
FoodRs. 3000
AccommodationRs. 8000
MiscRs. 2500
TransportRs. 20000
PetrolRs. 0
Total BudgetRs. 33500 (Approx)

Note: If you want to enjoy Ladakh, then the beauty of Ladakh is in traveling via road and enjoying every moment. Don’t think that once you reach a certain destination, you will see something that will excite you or make your journey worthwhile.
“Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Own Bike.

This is the most demanding way of traveling to Leh Ladakh. Since you own the bike and the bike should be registered in your name or your father’s name.

Plan Ladakh Bike Trip with Pillion

Having a bike of your own will save a buck on your Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip.

The total distance that you will be traveling in your bike will be around 3500 km and assuming that the mileage of your bike is around 25 kms per litre.

The total amount of petrol will be Rs.12000.

Budget for a Bike Trip for Leh Ladakh on own Bike

ThingsBudget (Money)
FoodRs. 3000
AccommodationRs. 8000
MiscRs. 2500
BikeRs. 0
PetrolRs. 12000
Total BudgetRs. 25500 (Approx)

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And if you are traveling with a partner on your bike than the cost will significantly drop down to nearly a half.

Do note that the bike mileage will drop as you climb the mountains. This happens due to 3 factors.
1. You are climbing a mountain
2. You are with a pillion
3. The oxygen level is low, which means your fuel will not burn properly.

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip on Rented Bike.

Since the petrol and other cost will remain constant even if the bike is yours, I will not include the same details here.

Scroll above to know the cost of petrol and other details while traveling on a bike.

The budget for leh ladakh will increase in the case you are renting a bike.

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The cost of renting a bike starts from Rs.800 and goes up to Rs. 1400 per day depending on the model of the bike and its condition.

So the cost of renting a bike will be around Rs. 19000 and above for a 14 days trip.

Budget for a Bike Trip for Leh Ladakh

ThingsBudget (Money)
FoodRs. 3000
AccommodationRs. 8000
MiscRs. 2500
BikeRs. 19000
PetrolRs. 12000
Total BudgetRs. 44500 (Approx)

Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip via Tripver

Tripver is an travel company that specializes on Leh and Ladakh travel. The company has all the option of traveling and accommodation.

I have used the tripver for my Ladakh expedition and it was great.

tripver leh ladakh
Budget for Leh Ladakh Trip - The Complete Details 10

If you want to check other options and companies to travel to leh ladakh then thy the TripAdvisor. Its the world’s biggest source of travel accommodation.


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