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Know the person and the reason why Thrillious was created.

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We share the best places that you should definitely visit and the places that are just pe.

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About Thrillious & Niraj

Hey ah, Namaste! I’m Niraj Kashyap.
I’ve been traveling around India for over a decade, exploring unique destinations, cultures, and adventures.

Just like other travelers and adventure seekers. I always wandered around places to find new thrills, and at that time this blog didn’t even exist.

But, things changed.

When I visited Ladakh I found several people blogging or Vlogging and that information helped me a lot. So that’s when I thought that I can share my travel experience too with everyone to help them travel, safely, cheaper, and more enjoyable. 

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Our Team

Who We Are

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Mrs. Baishali Kashyap

Baishali is a fun-loving person who loves to show everything around her that makes her happy and she loves helping others through her blog.

Niraj Kashyap

The person behind the camera, writing blogs and making videos, and managing all the travel-related things.


Our Mission & Vision

Enjoy the Fullest

We share the places that are worth visiting and you should never miss that place there are some places that look cool in photos but are mediocre.

Discover Places in a New Way

Visit the places that are already being visited by thousands but learn the art and the ways how you can visit the same place in a new and exciting way.

Enjoy the Locals

The best way to enjoy a new place is to connect with the locals and enjoy the local language and cuisine. We make it simpler and easier with our travel blogs.

Save you Money

We learn money-saving methods from the locals and share them on our blog and in our newsletter with our community members.

Our Partners

Companies that helps us visit and travel.

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Thrill & Adventure
With Niraj and Baishali

September 19, 2021 – The day when the journey to Leh Ladakh started and the process of starting Thrillious also started.

I started capturing all my moments on my camera, GoPro, and Drone to come up with helping guides on my site “Thrillious” which was just an idea on my mind.

After the journey to Leh Ladakh was completed. I came back home and launched Thrillious.com and also 2 YouTube Channels that covered the same topic but in different languages.

Thrillious Hindi & Thrillious English.

And after that, and where I travel, I blog all the details here.

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