Amazing Things to do in Nubra Valley for Thrill Lovers

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Nubra Valley is very beautiful and the journey to the valley is just breathtaking. With wide lands stretching to the colorful mountains and the melody rivers lies the sand dunes of the Nubra valley with double hump camels.

That’s a lot of things to explore in Nubra Valley.

So for all those who love to experience some taste of thrill and adventures, Here is the list of things to do in Nubra valley.

Nubra Valley can give you an intense experience of rain, dust storm, and chilly winters. If you travel to Nubra from April to September then you can experience bright sunshine or rain or dust storms, while the weather dramatically changes from October to January with bone-chilling winters where the temperature drops to 3 degrees Celcius at night.

Nubra is 120 km away from Leh town and is followed by the Shyok river alongside its beautiful breathtaking beauty. So here is the list of things to experience in Nubra valley.

1. Bactrian Camel Safari on Hunder Sand Dunes

nubra valley hundar sand dunes
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Hunder Sand Dunes is one of my favorite places in Nubra Valley, the place is stunningly beautiful and you will get the opportunity to see vast wide lands with mountains on the one side and sand dunes on the other.

Tourist enjoys the sand dunes by taking a ride on the double-humped camel which can be only found in Nubra Valley.

The transportation to the Nubra valley is not well connected, so you may experience some rough roads with curvy bends and steep slopes.

Although all of these dangerous roads are accompanied by the breathtaking beauty of the Nubra valley. The camel ride takes place at Nubra valley near the sand dunes. The cost per person for the camel ride is Rs.250.


2. Diskit Gompa

key gompa
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Constructed during the 13th century, it is a 105 feet tall Buddha statue and is one of the most famous and oldest Buddhist attractions.

The place was inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a tourist can experience a 360-degree landscape and enjoy a walk around in front of the 105feet tall Buddha.

The place is situated in Diskit in Jammu & Kasmir and you need to buy entry fees costing Rs.30 which you can buy offline while entering Diskit Gompa. You can visit the place the entire week from morning 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

More Details of Diskit Gompa: :- https://thrillious.com/place/diskit-gompa/

3. Samstanling Monastery

samstanling monastery3
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This tri-color Monastry consisting of Gold, White and Red color is just outstanding in that area. The monastery is very famous and popular and lots of tourists visit the monastery.

The monastery is situated in Sumur Village and one can easily visit the monastery by trekking or hiring a cab. The entire place feels painted in red and yellow as the trees and the flags are almost of similar colors.

You can travel easily by taking a bus or a taxi from Leh or Sumur as transportation and communication are really good.

Since the place is situated at a high altitude, don’t forget to carry woolen or warm clothes as the place is really cold and sometimes it gets way colder.


4. Maitreya Buddha

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When you visit Diskit Gompa, apart from the Monastry this is the main point of attraction. This is the 105 feet status of Lord Buddha that is the main tourist attraction.

This statue was inaugurated by His Highness Dalai Lama and the interesting part is that it contains 8KG of Gold.

The status is built to prompt World Peace and to protect the village from wars. The Shyok rives flow just by the side of it and the status faces the shyok river.


5. Turtuk Village

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Turtuk is the last village of India and is situated in Jammu & Kashmir. The entire look of the village is totally different from other villages as this village is covered with Apricot trees.

If you travel the unruly roads you can get your hands on some free fresh apricots and also experience the local cuisine and culture of the village.

This place is one of the most beautiful villages that I have seen and is a real photogenic place for nature loves and for those who love exploring nature and landscapes.


6. Ensa Gompa

ensa gompa
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One of the oldest monasteries in Nubra valley is the Ensa Gompa. This monastery is the least crowded as it is situated in the middle of the region.

As this place is less crowded and very few tourists visit the spot. You can find some amazing views of the mountains and can capture pics that stand out from the crowd.

The monastery walls are covered in old paintings that narrate some stories of that place. The key attraction of the place are its old paintings, old architecture, and one of the oldest monasteries.


7. Panamik Village

Panamik Village
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This place allows you to have a panoramic view of the mighty mountains and so the name of the place is given – Panamik Village.

Panamik village is situated 140kms from Leh and is famous for its hot water spring.

If you want to visit this place then book a cab or take your bike as the transportation and communication is very rare and it has only a few accommodations like rooms and restaurants.

But the beauty is breathtaking and it’s worth traveling to that place. The place allows you to capture some lively pics and videos and every minute that you spend here is worth it.

Here you will find shops for pashmina Shawls, carpets, and other Tibetan items.


8. Yarab Tso Lake

Yarab Tso Lake
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Also referred to as a Hidden lake, the Yarab Tso Lake is situated near Sumur Village and the only way to reach that place is via hiking.

The lake is crystal clear and it seems like a giant mirror and the surface is so clean and stable that it reflects the entire mountains and the sky.

So if you want to visit this place, do remember to take your pics and videos before you disturb the water as by doing that, you will no longer get the mirror effect.

The location of Yarab Tso lake is Upper Skare, near Manglay Forest bagh.



I have listed all the key attractions of Nubra Valley that any tourist and thrill lover would love to visit.

I hope this article has helped you. If you have any queries, you can comment below or contact us. You can also subscribe to our YouTube and Like and Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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