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Locations of Petrol Pumps in Ladakh


Ladakh is a beautiful place and the journey is thrilling, but since its a remote place and most part is mountains and high passes.

So, lets know where are the locations of Petrol Pumps in Ladakh trip.

There are several destinations and tourist places that you can visit and experience during your Leh Ladakh trip. So its better to prepare for your Leh Ladakh trip so that the place that feels like heaven don’t turn into a hell.

Once you refill your tank with petrol or diesel, the next fueling destination is 365KM away and since you will be riding at high passes, the mileage you will get is around 70%.

Why you Should Carry Extra Fuel in Ladakh?

As I said earlier that Ladakh is a remote place and all the destinations and tourist places are not located in Leh, rather all the places are 150KM far or more from Leh town.

Leh town has the availability of Petrol and Diesel but since you are going to travel to Leh from Manali or Srinagar Highway. You will only get a petrol pump available in Manali, Tandi and Leh.

Tandi is 110KM from Manali and the total distance from Manali to Leh is 473KM. So, once you refilled in Tandi, you have to travel 363KM without Petrol Pump.

From tandi, Karu is 35KM away, where the last petrol pump is available. But never depend on the last petrol pump as if that is not operational then you will get stuck.

 Locations of Petrol Pumps in Ladakh

So, if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere then the place will turn into a hell, as you won’t be able to push your bike or car uphills and no other car or bike will tow your vehicle.

Although petrols and diesels are available in small road side shops, so make sure to check your fuel if you make a stop for a break.

The petrol or diesel that you will find in this small shops will cost you higher than petrol pumps. Back in 2019, when I visited ladakh on my Bike then the cost of petrol and diesel in those small shops were around Rs.120 to Rs.150. At that time the normal rate of Petrol was Rs.75.

So, carry some jerry cans that are good in quality and carry extra fuel in it. Some of the best Petrol cans/ Jerry cans are listed below.

How To Carry Extra Fuel Safely on Bike or Car?

I have seen many bikers and car owners carry extra fuel with them while traveling to Leh Ladakh, Which is a good thing.

But I have also noticed that they ignore the most important thing, Which is safety. Petrol or Diesel are highly inflammable and explosive.

So they need to be carried with extra precautions and the cans should be really good to provide safety and quality.

Do not carry Petrol or Diesel in cheap plastic cans, because while you will ride to Leh ladakh the atmospheric pressure will change drastically and this could lead to an accident with the cans.

For bikes its more dangerous as the Petrol cans can break in case of the bike accident and since the engines and silencers are hot enough to spark a fire. Having a fall with petrol cans of cheal quality can cost you your life.

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You can also visit amazon.in or ModifyBullet.com to check the list of available petrol cans that are good in quality.

Where are the Locations of Petrol Pumps in Ladakh

This is the most asked question. What are the Locations of petrol pumps in Ladakh. So, we have created a list that has all the informations that you want to know while travling to Leh or beyond.

S.ILocationDistance to TravelFROm & TOPetrol Pumps Availability
1Srinagar Leh Highway677KMAmritsar – Jammu – Srinagar – LehJammu – Chenani – (Kishtwar) – Srinagar
2Manali Leh highway473KMManali – LehManali – Tandi – Leh
3Nubra Valley160KMLeh – NubraKhalsar – Shyok Bridge – Diskit
5Pangong Lake223KMLeh – Pangong TseLeh – Karu
6Zanskar Valley463KMLeh – ZanskarLeh – Kargil
7Shyok Road122KMLeh – ShyokLeh – Karu
8Tso Moriri220KMLeh – Tso MoririLeh Only
9Hanle254KMLeh – HanleLeh Only
10Chumathang Route138 KMLeh – ChumathangLeh Only
11Chushul Route201KMLeh – ChushulLeh Only

As from the above list you can easily understand the distance you have to travel and the last place of petrol availability.

Visit my personal website (NirajKashyap.com) to use the calculator and find out the amount of petrol/diesel required to travel to Leh Ladakh and Beyond. The calculator will also show the places where you can get the petrol pumps.

Availabily of Petrol Pumps in Ladakh & Nearby.

So, If you have visited my website ( NirajKashyap.com ) then you have the option to install the calculator on your phone.

The app will give you all the details about petrol pumps and its availability.

By the way I have listed all the information about the distance to travel and the petrol pump locations in Leh Ladakh.

 Locations of Petrol Pumps in Ladakh
S.IPlacePetrol Pump Availability
1Pangong LakeNo Petrol Pump
2Tso MoririNo Petrol Pump
3HamleYes, in Karu
4Chumathang RouteNo Petrol Pump
5Chushul RouteNo Petrol Pump

You should consider that the petrol are only available in major places like Manali, karu and Leh. Although small shops provide petrol and diesel.

How Many Petrol Pumps are there in Manali Leh Highway?

Between Manali and Leh there is only 1 Petrol Pump at Tandi.

How Many Petrol Pumps are there in Srinagar Leh Highway?

There are several Petrol Pumps available in Srinagar Leh Highway. You can find petrol pumps at Ganderbal, Sonamarg, Kargil and Khaltsi.

How to carry Extra fuel Safely to Ladakh?

To carry extra fuel to Leh ladakh, I have listed a few jerry cans / petrol cans that are good in quality and strong enough. You can buy from the above listed. Do not use cheap quality jerry cans.

Should I carry Extra fuel for Leh Ladakh trip?

There are several places where there is no petrol pump and you have to travel long distances. So, its better to carry extra fuel with you.

Although extra fuels are available in black at road side stalls.

Final Thoughts for Petrol Pumps in Leh Ladakh

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