How to Travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley

How to Travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is just Awesome and it seems that it is out of India. The Valley is just breathtaking, situated between the mighty Himalayas, the beautiful desert with 2 humps camel is just mesmerizing.

The traveler that visits leh Ladakh makes their way to the Spiti Valley.

I have personally visited Spiti valley and every moment that I spend their was worth it. The journey to spiti is not an easy one.

The roads are tough and have tight corners with steep climbing and with no safety railings.

Routes for Delhi to Spiti Valley

There are 2 ways to travel to Spiti Valley. The famous one is from Manali and the other route is from Simla.

Route 1 – From Manali

Manali > Solang Valley > Rohtang Pass > Gramphu > Batal > Chandratal > Kunzum Pass > Losar > Kaza > Dhankar > Tabo

Route 2 – From Shimla

Shimla > Narkanda > Rampur > Kalpa > Nako Gui Village > Tabo > Dhankar > Pin Valley – Kaza

From the Shimla route, you can access the Spiti valley throughout the year, but the Manali route has some beautiful places and passes like Rohtang Pass and other beautiful destinations.

Whichever route you will take will have beautiful places, culture, and food to experience.

Travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley

How many Days does it take to reach Delhi to Spiti Valley?

If you are traveling from Manali then it will take 2 days to reach Spiti Valley. The distance from Delhi to Manali is 570 KM which will take around 12 hours and from Manali to Kaza is around 230KM, which will easily take a day to travel in hilly areas.

From the Shimla route, it will take 3 days to reach Spiti Valley. From Shimla, you need to travel around 270KM to reach Spiti.

Travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley

What is the Best time to travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley?

The best time to travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley from Shimla route is throughout the year.

If you are traveling from Manali then the routes are open from June to October since in this route you will pass through high Passes and they are closed rest of the year due to extreme snowfall and unfavorable climate conditions.

Travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is September, the weather is fine and enjoyable and people are few compared to June and july.

During this month you will encounter less water crossing and landslides and due to less rain you will have the chances of enjoying the environment more.

How is the road condition from Delhi to Spiti Valley

The road condition is totally different depending on the route you take. The Shimla route has great roads and you will encounter very few broken roads with little off-roading and muddy roads.

While the road from Manali is not for the fainthearted. It offers a great adrenaline rush offering your dangerous roads that are a pleasure for adventure seekers.

Travel from Delhi to Spiti Valley

In Manali road, you will find broken roads with offroading and muddy trails that often lead to landslides. The roads are also slippery that makes it a great challenge to control your bike and not take a fall.

Is Spiti valley dangerous?

Spiti Valley is safe but the roads that you have to travel to reach Spiti Valley is dangerous. It is not recommended for new riders or those riders who are not experienced.

The roads are one of the most challenging and toughest roads in the world and you can easily say that its one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

The roads are sometimes broken and has small stones and pebbles that makes a challenge to control your vehicle.

The road is more challenging than the Leh Manali highway as it’s pretty narrow and has a very steep and dangerous climb.

How many days is enough for Spiti valley?

8 Days is enough from Spiti Valley as it will take around 5 days in traveling and coming back from Manali Side and 3 days to explore areas like Pin Valley, Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Kibber village, and Kaza.

Can we go to Spiti valley by car?

Yes, you can visit Spiti valley by almost any car that has the capacity to conquer those roads. If you are an expert rider than you can take your vehicle all by yourself.

If you are not an expert on roads like Spiti, then its better to hire a cab and enjoy its ride while the driver who is an expert on those roads ride the vehicle.

Never underestimate the Spiti roads, those take great responsibility and experience to ride.

Which car is best for Spiti valley?

Almost any SUV is the best suitable for Spiti Valley, However Innova’s are very popular on those roads too. But as I said earlier it’s up to the rider (driver) that handles the car and takes it through spiti valley.

Will there be snow in Spiti in June?

No, During June you won’t experience Snow in Spiti Valley. The valley withness snow from October and it continues till April.

Which is better Ladakh or Spiti?

Both the places are beautiful and breathtaking. You can’t compare one with another as both offer different things.

Spiti Valley offers a desert-like experience while Leh offers places like Pangong and other mountain areas.

So, if you have enough time then you should visit both places. If you have less time than Spiti Valley is a must for you.

How do I plan a trip to Spiti Valley?

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